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General terms and conditions of use www.gestiuneservice.ro

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This document defines the terms of use of the www.gestiuneservice.ro site by potential customers or users. By accessing and browsing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions described below.

1. Definition of terms used

Client - can be any natural or legal person who obtains access to the content, by any means of communication made available by GSG Digital Platform SRL (electronic, telephone, etc.) or under a user agreement between GSG Digital Platform SRL and the latter.

User - any natural or legal person registered on www.gestiuneservice.ro, who, by completing the account creation process, has agreed to the site-specific terms in the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy sections. / p>

Account - the section of the site consisting of an email address / phone number and a password that allows the user to submit the request, and which contains personal information about it, data desp re the status of subscriptions, invoices issued, etc. The user is responsible and will ensure that all the information entered when creating the account is correct, complete and up to date.

Site - hosted online application at www.gestiuneservice.ro and its subdomains.

Content has the following meanings:

  • all information on the site that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed using electronic equipment.
  • the contents of any e-mail sent to users / customers by GSG Digital Platform SRL by electronic means and / or or any other means of communication available.
  • any information communicated by any means by an employee or collaborator of GSG Digital Platform SRL to the user or customer, according to contact information, whether or not specified by the user.
  • related information of GSG Digital Platform SRL's products, services, and / or tariffs over a period of time.
  • align: justify; "> Newsletter / Campaign / Alert - a regular, non-electronic medium (such as: e-mail / SMS / telephony / mobile push / webpush) on the products, services and / or promotions carried out by GSG Digital Platform SRL during a certain period, without any commitment on the part of GSG Digital Platform SRL with regard to the information contained therein. text-align: justify; "> Transaction - the collection of an amount resulting from the sale of a product / service by GSG Digital Platform SRL to the customer / user, using the services of the card processor approved by GSG Digital Platform SRL bank transfer.

.Description of services and / or products

Our basic service refers to the repair of mobile devices by which we provide all the necessary means in The management of the business with its own application is hosted by us or on our behalf and can be accessed through www.gestiuneservice.ro.

www.gestiuneservice.ro data for general information purposes and do not guarantee their accuracy at any time, although every effort will be made to ensure that they are accurate when published on www.gestiuneservice.ro.

3. Content rights and obligations Gestiune Service

3.1. The content, as defined in point 1, including and not limited to logos, stylized representations, commercial symbols, still or dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content present in www.gestiuneservice.ro are only the properties of GSG Digital Platform SRL.

.The prices of the services and products displayed on the site www.gestiuneservice.ro include VAT, according to the legislation in force.

5.2. www.gestiuneservice.ro is a subscription-based service with fees charged for predetermined or personalized periods. A user / customer may purchase one or more different or similar subscriptions. At the time of registration, the user / customer selects the type of subscription and benefits from a free trial period at that time, in order to test and evaluate the functionality of the platform.

5.3. The platform registration process does not involve making an online payment or entering card or bank account details, but payment will only be made after the trial period expires and will be recurring. by default (that is, a transaction will be made automatically on the due date of that subscription).

5.4. Recurring payment is can enable or disable the client / user profile at any time. If it is deactivated, the customer / user will have to make a manual payment at each maturity of the subscription (s), and if the expiration date is exceeded, then the subscription will be automatically suspended.

5.5. To reactivate a suspended subscription, a payment must be made manually. The reactivation of a suspended subscription does not take into account the period in which it was suspended, and the cost of services will be calculated from the date of payment, depending on the term of the subscription.

5.6. The price and method of payment are specified in www.gestiuneservice.ro and at the time of purchase of a new subscription. GSG Digital Platform SRL will issue to the customer / user an invoice for the delivered services (subscriptions), and the obligation of the latter is to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice, according to the legislation in force, by filling in the profile data.

5.7 . GSG Digital Platform SRL reserves the right to change the fee structure at any time and without prior notice to the user. Temporary or permanent changes are valid as soon as they are posted on www.gestiuneservice.ro and will be applied to all subsequent transactions.

5.8. GSG Digital Platform SRL reserves the right to suspend / cancel or delete the user / customer account in case of non-payment of the subscription.

The user / customer has the right to cancel the subscription at any time through his account. No refunds or discounts will be granted when canceling your subscription.

5.9. For proper communication of the subscription invoice, the customer / user they are obliged to update their account details whenever necessary. By this way, by accessing his profile, he will keep a record of the invoices issued by GSG Digital Platform SRL, exclusively in electronic format, being able to download and archive them in turn at any time and in any way he wishes.

5.10. When the user / customer requests the activation and payment of the subscription by card payment, it is redirected to the online payment processor page (Twispay), enter card details and pays, respectively completes the request. Once your payment has been confirmed, a card token will be saved and will be available for future automatic payments at the subscription-specific deadline. By entering the card details, the user / customer confirms that they have been previously informed and that they have accepted the terms of the recurring payment.


.The payment card details of the user / customer will not be accessible GSG Digital Platform SRL nor will they be stored by GSG Digital Platform SRL or by the payment processor integrated in the site, but only by the authorizing institution or other entity authorized to provide card identification data storage services, the identity of which the user / customer will be informed prior to entering the data.

5.12. The entity authorized to provide card data storage services is Capital Financial Services SA, operating under the Twispay brand ( www.twispay.com/ro ) a company incorporated and operating in accordance with the legislation of Romania, having its registered office at 4C, Gara Herastrau, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania.

6 . Cookies Policy

This policy applies to cookies and web pages operated by www.gestiuneservice.ro. Read more about our cookie policy .

7 . Personal data

When this information is requested through this site, it is intended to identify you or your ability to identify you. contact. This is all the more necessary when using the applications available on the site.

The nature of the information requested relates in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers ), e-mail address, how the products and / or services GSG Digital Platform SRL are used or intended to be used, but may also include other information closely related to the use of the requested services and / or products.

In order to better meet the needs and questions of users / customers of the site, the information requested through www.gestiuneservice.ro will be subject to electronic storage and processing.

Read more about our privacy policy .

8. Applicable law

This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between GSG Digital Platform SRL and customers / users will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be resolved by the competent Romanian courts in the Municipality of Timișoara.

Having regard to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 182/2011, Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC, GSG Digital Platform SRL give the customer / user the opportunity to opt for out-of-court settlement of possible disputes by using the European online dispute resolution platform (SOL platform), a digital tool created by the European Commission in order to facilitate the independent, impartial, transparent, effective, expeditious and equitable settlement, out of court, of disputes concerning contractual obligations arising out of contracts for the sale or supply of online services between a consumer residing in the Union and an established trader in the Union. The following link to the SOL platform can be used for this purpose: ec.europa.eu

9. Limitation of liability GSG Digital Platform SRL

9.1. GSG Digital Platform SRL does not guarantee the customer access to the services, in the absence of registration by the customer by completing the registration steps on the site, and does not grant it the right to download, modify, reproduce or copy in part and / or in whole or in part the content of the site or to transfer to any third party any content over which it has and / or gained access, under a user agreement, without the consent previously written by GSG Digital Platform SRL.


.GSG Digital Platform SRL makes no warranty as to:

  • Use difficult or discontinued in use of the site;
  • Negatively affecting other systems by using www.gestiuneservice.ro;
  • the existence of viruses or other components on the site that could harm users.

Thus, GSG Digital Platform SRL cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of its site.

9.3 . All information presented on the site regarding the products GSG Digital Platform SRL, prices, information, campaigns and marketing promotions, technical aspects, are presented for information. Nothing in the content of the www.gestiuneservice.ro site may constitute a firm offer to contract and may not engage the liability of GSG Digital Platform SRL in the absence of further agreement.

.GSG Digital Platform SRL cannot guarantee that these pages are error-free, and ensures that it will make every effort to provide accurate information and correct any errors.

12.2. Anyone wishing to purchase one of the services or products featured on the site is asked to contact GSG Digital Platform SRL through one of the means listed on the site's Contact page, to inquire about the availability of the service or product in as well as the contractual conditions, tariffs, payments and technical or other information.

Your continued use of this site constitutes your express and unequivocal consent to it. with the GDPR guidelines for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

P For any questions regarding the exercise of your rights regarding the use of the site and the protection of the use, please contact us through the Contact section of the site.

Read and Privacy Policy .

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