"At 16 I was working on construction sites - today I am an entrepreneur with big goals"

"At 16 I was working on construction sites - today I am an entrepreneur with big goals"
feb. 2022
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"At 16 I was working on construction sites - today I am an entrepreneur with big goals"

"At the age of 16 we were working on the construction site - today I am an entrepreneur with big goals"


Hello and good luck found!

My name is Sorin Rosca I am the owner of the platform www.gestiuneservice.ro and in this material I want to tell you my story, where I started from, where I ended up and who helped me!


So, my name is Marian Sorin Rosca, I was born with the revolution, I am 32 years old and I live in Timisoara!

I grew up in the village, in -a modest family, where I did and received 8 years of school; I continued my studies at the Theoretical High School of Independence in Calafat!


Later, at the West University of Timisoara, I attended the courses of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, specialization Marketing!



My first job was at the age of 16, in a marble workshop; I also worked on the construction site (on vacation and on weekends)!


I had these jobs during high school and that's when I started to develop and passion for electronic device repairs! Of course we repaired the phones of colleagues, neighbors and thus made extra money!

At 19 I realized that my future will not be great if I go on the same line, if I remain anchored in the village, so I decided to move to Timisoara!


I remember that I didn't live very well with the money, I couldn't afford to pay a rent so I stayed with a friend for a few months good!

I lived in an annex of a house, very pretty but quite small for 4 people. I slept 2 in bed and two on a mattress, on the floor!


Although it seems a difficult situation, I remember these moments with pleasure because we are talking about experiences that are now the foundation in my training as a person and as an entrepreneur!


As I said, I did not have a very good financial situation and I started looking for a job, to be able to afford decency a normal life!

It didn't take long and I found a job in a GSM service! I was lucky that the employer did not ask for a vast experience as a technician and to be oriented towards people passionate about this field!


This job was an extraordinary ramp for me, I I managed to make enough money to support myself and I made my first contact with the entrepreneurial field!


I was a mediocre technician but I had the desire to learn, I was 110% involved in that service which is why the boss gave me all the confidence and support!

He had and still has some very healthy principles of life and business which is why I have always appreciated him!


After 3 years of working as an employee, the service in which we work was offered a "gift".

Yes, you understood very well, the man for whom I was working, he made me a company with his money and he gave me the business without asking me for any money!

Even more, he helped me with money ($ 10,000) to put me in apply some ideas of d EVELOPMENT


It was one afternoon, he came to the store and said, "Look, Sorin, take this money, you don't have to give me anything back, I want to see you evolve!


Was I lucky? I can say that!

But luck doesn't come anyway, you have to let it go! I asked him after a few years why he helped me and his answer was: "You have been very fair to me and honesty is always rewarded"

behind the desire not to disappoint the one who helped me get to this point!


When you go from employee to entrepreneur, from a legal point of view it is very simple ! From an individual you become an associate in an LLC

The problem is that genuine entrepreneurship has nothing to do with your status, with the presence of your name on a piece of paper!

That's what I got I realized after I opened 2 other services in the city and I had to close them because I had no idea what it meant to run a business in the true sense of the word!

I knew what it meant to work with the client , I knew how to sell but I didn't know how to run a business!


I enrolled in college in 2012 and chose a profile that could offer me growth solutions, namely Business Administration - Marketing, within UVT Timisoara!

From here we have gathered some operating principles of a company, structure, what is a good management, what is a system of procedures and tools!


Because there is no such special organizing tool at the time for repair centers, I decided to develop one. It's zero!


That's how the GSG project started - transposed today into the platform www .gestiuneservice.ro


I did not think from the beginning to develop this system to outsource it (to offer it to others) I created it for me, out of the desire to grow in a healthy way and at an accelerated pace.

After the first modules developed I understood how important such a tool is, how much control it offers you and how much it makes it easier. work in a se rvice!


In 2016, with a functional and tested organization system, we opened a service in the heart of the city, iFix Timisoara!

Today is one of the best known and appreciated repair centers in the city and this is largely due to the platform www.gestiuneservice


I turned every problem, every challenge I encountered in my growth path into a solution and translated it into GSG!


After realizing the impact it has on my business, I realized that I need to think about out-boxing, so I started looking for a solution to offer this tool to all the services that want what I have. I also want: growth, organization and control!


The main objective at this moment is to digitize all the services in Romania, to revolutionize this field, to change the way of working in a complicated and unprofitable one in a simple one, which benefits all parties involved: owners, customers, employees and suppliers!


It will not be an easy road, I am aware of this but I'm confident that the benefits of using this platform will be the key to rapid adoption among service owners!


So this is the key. my west and this is my goal!


In conclusion let me thank you for going through this material and I wish for you to be a genuine entrepreneur, oriented on changing for the better the world in which you exist!

With special appreciation,

Sorin Rosca - Owner www.gestiuneservice.ro

Former technician, the current entrepreneur look for solutions for permanent growth!


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