***MISSING_TRANSLATION*** Ce ai nevoie pentru a initia o afacere de tip Service GSM?

***MISSING_TRANSLATION*** Ce ai nevoie pentru a initia o afacere de tip Service GSM?
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***MISSING_TRANSLATION*** Ce ai nevoie pentru a initia o afacere de tip Service GSM?

If you have read this blog it means that you are interested to know how things are with a GSM Service business and what are the steps to take to undertake such an activity.
Well, as in any business , nothing is easy at first but if you have ambition and some money to invest you are definitely on the right track.
Consider a few aspects and I assure you that success is in your hands, you just have to know how to shape it .
What are the steps to follow and the questions you need to answer before entering into such a business?

1. What do you want to do?
Decide from the beginning what you will offer your customers, what services and what products for sale. Most GSM services are not focused on a strict area of action, ie they do not only do service, they also have gsm accessories for sale, and electronic recharging, and other derivatives in this field, and even some GSM services make repairs for computers or laptops.
It is important to know from the beginning what direction you are going in order to be able to make a REALIST calculation on the total cost to invest.

2. Who are your customers?
Here we are talking about the target audience. Who will buy the products or services you offer? If you want customers who don't look at money for example, then you will need a central location; mall, shopping center with luxury brands, tourist area, etc. (in this case the rent is high) If you want local clients with low to medium incomes then the location of your service can be in a market, in a small shopping center, in locations with vad at tram, bus, firobus, etc., or even on university campuses. p>

3. Who are you going to work with?
The hardest obstacle in a business is the people you work with, EMPLOYEES.
If you want to do everything on your own, from experience I tell you, it's very, very hard, but not impossible. You can't do 10 things at once and do them all right.

If you want to start a business without an employee, consider the following:
- you need a management program VERY GOOD service
-you need a very good stock management program
-you need an excellent accountant and if possible with many relationships at ANAF
- you need very stress resistance capacity great - you need a strict organization of the way of working, of the repair times, of everything that means planning and control of your business (you must be a good manager)
- you need a thorough knowledge on service part. You can't afford to learn everything on the go, you have to have at least a basic understanding of what it means to repair a smartphone, what to eat electronics with. consider:
- what will be the payment method?
If he will only receive a salary, he will not be motivated to work.
If he will receive a percentage of the value of the profit from repairs or sales then is more motivated at work.

-What skills does he have? and money, so my recommendation would be to hire competent people or if not people who have the ability and the will to learn. (Such a man is 10 times better than someone who knows something about his field but is not able to learn new things, keep up with technology)

-what relationship will you have with employees?
Never trust anyone. Don't think that someone wants your good more than you want, keep that employee-employer limit whether you know it or not.
If you are thinking of starting a business with a friend, keep in mind that friendships in business doesn't matter. Money, sooner or later, is the reason for the deterioration of the relationship and the business implicitly. service, who pays the taxes, etc. All aspects need to be discussed and planned from A to Z. (You can even write and sign on both sides to avoid possible future disputes)

4. How much does it cost you to start a business?

- Setting up the company with all the necessary documents, including the operating license and the cash register will cost you approximately 1500-1800 RON. In order to avoid headaches, I recommend that you let a specialized company take care of setting up your company; they know what they have to do and they have the necessary files to speed things up.
-Setting up and equipping the service costs you at least 4000 RON

.This amount strictly includes the primary needs of a GSM service: (service and stock management programs, hot air station, decoding boxes, soldering gun, voltage source, ultrasonic tank, etc.) It is assumed that you have a laptop or a computer with a grandma's procer and meorie RAM ok.
So after a simple calculation YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF 5800 RON TO START THE BUSINESS , the employees' salary (if you have one), the accountant's salary (it is mandatory to have a company accountant, I personally pay 300 RON per month) and thus you get a REAL amount of everything that means START-UP.
After you have calculated all the expenses think that we live in Romania and you have all the chances that these calculations will be modified, and not in your favor. All sorts of unpredictable expenses can occur so if the calculation cost you 10 RON you have to have a budget of 15 RON (so safe).
There are some fees that you have to consider but they do not are paid from the first month; it is about state taxes and this includes: income or profit tax and salary taxes.

The company Erbil Mobile from Timisoara has the following expenses:
-month rent 600 euro
-salaries 900 euros
-taxes and taxes 250 euros
TOTAL 1950 euros
This total represents the value of the MONTHLY FIXED EXPENSES, this means that every month, the company must produce a minimum of 1950 euros to insure all its expenses.

You should keep this in mind from the beginning: HOW MUCH WILL YOU SPEND ON THE MONTH
Have you made this calculation and are you thinking that you will get a profit according to your expectations? > Then you should stop thinking. This type of business, if organized and planned in a professional way, can bring you financial benefits of thousands of euros / month.

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