I make 1000 RON profit / day from protective foils! Here's how!

I make 1000 RON profit / day from protective foils! Here's how!
mai 2020
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I make 1000 RON profit / day from protective foils! Here's how!

Hello window :)


Probably the best selling product in the store is the glass foil for the phone, relatively small investment, high profit, guarantee = 0 or very small, in short the ideal product.

And yet, if I think about it, this movie has 2 issues:

    1. How many phone models are now on the market I need diversity and at least 2 pieces per model in stock to meet customer requirements
    2. Some of the stocks are not sold, either they are not looking and the adhesive is degrading over time and I can no longer mount them, or I am mounting incorrectly and "goodbye", another in a row.

If I were to define an ideal product, it should have a few features:

  • High demand
  • Profit margin over 200%
  • Short installation / installation time
  • Coverage for a wide range of products / models
  • Supplier Covered Warranty

After a series of calculations and tests I found a solution that meets all the requirements of an ideal product, namely the silicone foil offered by #Armour.

I don't advertise for them but I work with them and I'm extremely happy with the quality of the foil and the way they do their job.

The idea is this: install in your store a printer / plotter with which you can cut foil for any type of phone, ANY MODEL without needing of stocks. You buy a standard size pack of foils and with the help of an application and your plotter the foil when you have a request!

How do you think

I see this great product, I released 4 shelves in the store where I had exhibited foils, I don't invest any more money in products on I don't know if I will ever sell them, but the most important thing is that I assemble a quality foil. Out of almost 600 foils mounted in the last months, I had a maximum of 5 guarantees, and these are covered by the supplier, I don't pay a lion!

I mount between 8 - 15 foils per day with 100 RON / piece (I can afford to ask for this price because I am in the navel of the fair) and the profit margin is 300%, ie I make an average of 1000 RON Profit / day only from this foil. Will it be bad?

I can honestly say that I'm thinking of quitting the service and installing foil all day :)) Not you headaches with people who have dropped their phone in the soup or thrown fly flies around the house!

So there is solutions to get rid of unnecessary stocks, you just have to be open-minded and understand that you have to evolve with the market in which you operate!

If you stay behind no matter if we talk about how to organize, marketing, stocks, innovations you will go head to head; the competition is fierce and if you don't move fast it will take another place overnight!


PS - I leave you the contact of Armor, tell them that you have received recommendations from Sorin Roșca, maybe I'll make you a present :))

Marius Cermian - 0748975445

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