Do you want quality customers in your service?

Do you want quality customers in your service?
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Do you want quality customers in your service?

Hello and I found you well!

How was your day?

You woke up, had a coffee, had a quick cigarette and you went to the service with high hopes: "Today I break the norm, I make 20 displays that Corona is gone, I still sell 5-6" hot "phones and I make at least 1000 Euro profit"

You arrive at the service, there is no queue in front of the door, but who wakes up in the first hour? They come later, because they have a hard time waking up with money!

It's 11:00 and you see that you sold 3 refills and put a foil of 30 lei, but you don't lose hope, barely The day has begun, until tonight you still have a whole pack of smoking cigarettes! you take another 20 lei to clear the cache and if he has retired he can buy a "pouch" cover :))


Laugh, we're kidding but you wondered why Don't you have quality customers?


Don't say it's the competition, the suppliers or Iohanis! The only culprit for what you have or don't have is you!

Being in the same pot with you, I want to share with you some ideas that have helped me bring more quality customers to the store and I make more money.

  1. I know what I do best and what is the most profitable service and product in the store! We have established that the silicone foil from #Armour is at the top of the products sold and the services are the cleaning of the power connector and the speaker (headset)
  2. I use a speach, a text that is meant to convince the customer that my product / service is the coolest in the parking lot and that's why it's so expensive.
  3. I do upselling and crosselling. Ex 1: if the customer comes with a broken display, I must tell him the "text" for the protective foil (you know that it protects, it will not break so fast, etc.); Ex 2: if I change a power connector I always offer the customer a new data cable.
  4. I ask for a review from the customer. How did you feel about the iFix experience? Some brush you, but others give you some answers so you are forced to improve certain aspects of your store in a second. The most dissatisfied customers are the ones from whom you have to learn the most! Don't sleep because 80% say you're okay, the other 20% are the ones who pull you up, the 80% cap you!
  5. I don't promise anything to anyone! People need certainty: Is it ready in 30 minutes? Are they safe to repair? Surely this problem doesn't occur anymore? Well, how do I know if the power goes out and I don't fix anything in 30 minutes? How can I know that a repair will be 100% successful when you, the client, hit him in the toilet and tell me that the rain caught you in his pocket? :)). I have a reply that I use: "I do NOT promise anything but I assure you that I will do my best to solve the problem you are facing in the shortest time"!
  6. I am not lying to the client. For example, many people come with headphones (it sounds slow), I don't tell them I'm changing the speaker and in fact I'm cleaning up the mess on the site, no, I'm telling them exactly what I'm doing, why I'm giving them money. They pay anyway, the important thing is to have the problem solved!
  7. I don't give low prices and I don't negotiate. There is an unwritten rule: Too low prices attract poor customers and you can only negotiate when it is in your favor, not in their favor. Personally, I don't want poor or rather stingy clients, I want clients who throw money at the cash register just like they throw money at the wedding with money on fiddlers :)) No number. The stingy people who look at 20 lei are not the customers I want in my store and probably not you.
  8. I outsource everything that is possible. Are there things that others do better than me and faster (why waste time when I can pay my co-workers and have a nice commercial addition without any hassle?) For example, I outsourced the display lamination, the replacement Outsourced PCB components, I even outsourced the replacement of power connectors to some phone models. I did my business to make money, not necessarily to hold the screwdriver in my hand from morning to evening!
  9. I am organized and in step with technology. I use the application and I have all the inputs and outputs of the service in one place. All customers receive messages and emails of notification about the status of the repair, offer customers the opportunity to give me a review upon leaving the service, issue personalized documents (delivery report receipt, warranty certificate, finding note) no longer write with the pen for a while :)


So, you are behind the wheel of your business, you decide the course of events and through the decisions you make you lead your business to maximum profit or bankruptcy. It's time to dump her and move on.

Want more money? They're in customers' pockets or cards, so do it right and get your hands on them!

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