Do you have an electronics service? You must read this article!

Do you have an electronics service? You must read this article!
nov. 2021
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Do you have an electronics service? You must read this article!


"Today I talked to Sorin Rosca, the owner of iFix Center, whom I met 5 years ago known at the opening of the repair center for mobile phones and tablets in the heart of Timisoara!


- Sorin, please tell us a few words about the evolution of the service launched in 2016!


- Hello and I found you well!

As you know in 2016 I came from the faculty with the idea of to change the way service is done in Timisoara!

I wanted total transparency towards customers in the repair process and the idea The basics were to stream these operations live on social media platforms!


- How did the public receive this new concept?


- People were delighted with our vision from day one, and we took a quick step forward. significant in the market.

I'm happy with how things have turned out and with all the pandemic issues to give those who cross our threshold a unique experience!


- What do you want to do? are you still What are the next goals?


- In my 5 years of activity at iFix -I was hit by a lot of problems regarding the organization and management system of the products entering and leaving the service, or rather I was hit by the lack of tools to help me carry out my activity in optimal conditions!


I realized that there is no AZ platform for those working in the field of GSM and a such a tool is essential for the sustainable growth of such businesses!


As a result, we have decided to develop for me and for the colleagues who operate in this branch a complex system, an ERP, which will help us in our daily operations and keep us in constant contact with our clients!


- What makes this pl more concrete? atforma?


- First of all, as a service owner, I get rid of a lot of hassle and tons of waste paper!

All inbound and outbound operations are based on specific documents such as the takeover report, GDPR agreement, warranty certificate, exit report, finding note ... and the list goes on!

Broadly speaking, we have created an automated system for issuing documents required in the service activity, with detailed reports and statistics, and an online bridge between the service technician and the final customer!


There are many service-related modules developed in the platform such as:


Direct marketing and follow up, how to sell products and services , online programming mode; we even created a sales and communication system between services (a closed circuit MarketPlace).


- What is your goal? Why did you make this application?


- As I said before my goal The main thing is to change the way service is done in Romania!

And not because there is something wrong but because I am convinced that can be much better!


GSM Service businesses are generally small businesses in that the owner is both a technician and a salesman and an accountant, and an employee .... he has so many responsibilities that he often ends up crashing and so his business no longer works in the normal parameters!


- Have you had such negative experiences?


- Absolut! I went through all the stages; I was an employee, technician, salesman and accountant sometimes

.I centered and nodded until not long ago!

Everything I've developed on this platform is the result of experiences on which I have had over time and I see this system as a combination of solutions to the problems I have faced and which I think the other services are facing!


- Who are your future customers on this platform?



- My clients are those entrepreneurs who work in the field of electronic and home appliance repairs, who want to organize their business in a professional way and offer customers experience pleasant every time they use their services!


- Sorin, we all know that we Romanians as a nation are not even the most evolved in the direction of adopting aces such systematization tools? How do you plan to persuade service owners to abandon old habits and use your platform?


- Indeed, we Romanians are more skeptical and harder to persuade to do things differently than we used to, we are usually resistant to change out of fear of the unknown!


Like any start, I don't expect an explosion in the number of users overnight, but I'm confident that, over time, colleagues in this field will understand the importance of using systematization, management and analysis tools in their business!


Such a solution implemented in a service has as a final result the increase of the profit of that company!

The profit is a result as we have said and represents the sum of all our activities carried out with in order to best meet the needs of customers and the platform has this goal, 'win-win'!


- Sorin, at the end of this interview, if you could give one piece of advice to your GSM colleagues what would it be?


- Dear ones, our business born from the passion for "screwdriving" must evolve and by evolution I mean in the first to our evolution as entrepreneurs!

We can't call ourselves entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word as long as the business is 100% dependent our active involvement in all processes!

I created the platform because I want to have control over my business and my goal is to be an entrepreneur not engaged in my own business!

If you want the same thing as me then go for authentic entrepreneurship, be open to continuous evolution and use any tool that can shorten your path to your goal! "

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