Are you active in the field of GSM? 6 ideas to make more money!

Are you active in the field of GSM? 6 ideas to make more money!
mai 2020
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Are you active in the field of GSM? 6 ideas to make more money!

Hi doctor, does the screwdriver work?

Let's hope it works and that you make enough money to pay the rent, the employees and stay at the end of the month with something in your pocket!

GSM domain , as you can see, it is not as profitable as in the past years, we have multiplied like mushrooms so you don't have to throw a straw for how many of us are per square meter!

We 'fight' in prices, offers and promotions, as if whoever has the lowest price on the shelf will be rewarded by the most stingy customer!

What if we competed in BIG prices and stopped working for the benefit of the community?

What if I had less work and more money?

I have been active in this field since 2010 and It took me a while to realize that the price I charge for my work is the price I deserve!

Do I charge 10 lei for a power connector? So much merit, 10 lei. If at the end of the month I have 1500 lei left, it means that I know how to do it!

Most of us have chosen this field out of a passion for screwdriving but also out of passion for money and I think we agree that love goes through the stomach and the screws are not about hunger!

The idea is that you can make more money if you know how to appreciate your work!

What do I do?

  1. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. I realized that it is easier and healthier! Why change 3 displays in one day with a 30 lei shopping bonus when I can change one and earn 90 lei?
  2. I don't compete with anyone! Why compete with low prices when I can focus on increasing the quality of my services and asking for a higher price from my customer? The customer is the one who brings you the money in the company, you have to focus on him!
  3. I don't speak ill of the other services! It is a common practice "don't go there because it's bad". But how do I know what is bad and what is good for the client and first of all what interests me? With his money, the client goes where he wants. As for those who use this trick ... do you think that if you speak ill of the competition you increase in the eyes of the customer? You're still where you were yesterday, somewhere hidden, small, tiny trying to make another 'combination'!
  4. I focus on quality, not quantity. I offer the customer 2 alternatives - do you want cheap or quality? In 99% of cases the customer chooses the best quality and is willing to pay a higher cost! The other 1% are customers I don't need and I avoid because those are usually the 'problem' customers!
  5. I'm organized and in step with technology! It's been several years since I've used a management application that allows me to organize my service so that customers are properly informed about repair status, warranty terms and conditions, repair times, and so on. Gone are the days when I wrote my phone number and defect with a pen on a label, now everything is automated, all service documents are issued in electronic format! (I use the platform )
  6. I respect my guarantees and I am transparent. Products that come under warranty have top priority! There are very few but if there is a guarantee it means that something I did not do well, and if I did not do well I take responsibility and fix the problem without trying to blame the client.

The list goes on and on, but I think you've got a lot of insights on what to look for you want to earn more money and more free time!

Customers have your money in their pocket, all you have to do is you persuade them to leave it to you!

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