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Follow-up marketing is an automated text notification system (SMS, E-mail, etc.) that is triggered based on certain variables. For example, you can start a campaign to send a message after a service has been successfully shut down (after 10 days) that has been successfully repaired: "Andrei, you had an iPhone 8 device in our service and we want to make sure that everything is fine and that you are happy with the result! Dear iFix Team. "

You know how much does it matter to the customer to see that you care even after you take the money? Enormous! You have every chance of being recommended in the circle of friends and coming back whenever they need to.

Another example is a campaign that automatically sends messages from " Happy birthday to customers who meet the filtering criteria. Different things (positive of course) put you in a high place in the minds of customers, and when they need the services you provide, guess who will be the first in their minds? YOU exactly, because you were different!

So be different in what you do, stay in touch with your customers and show them that you care!

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