Emits PV entry into Service

According to current legislation, taking over any type of product for repair, whether we are talking about a phone, a tablet or a car, involves drawing up a set of documents, including Service pickup report .

This document details the product left to be repaired, (identification series, make, model, color etc.) the claimed defect (eg broken display), the cause of the problem (eg mechanical shock), the proposed solution (eg display replacement), as well as the estimated service price! Customer identification data, terms and conditions of repair, and service provider data are also required.

Service Management provides you with a very easy way. and very quick to issue your download document in just 30 seconds !

Designed to make your work easier at the same time to add value to your business, the system stores and analyzes all information about devices and customers, and based on them provides you with detailed reports related to your business, for example: Performance Report, Customer Review, Input-Output Report from / in service, Assignment Report etc).

Starting from the idea that you want an organized and profitable service which customers are happy to recommend, the Service Management app is the perfect tool for achieve your goal!

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