Customer service report

The engine of any business is marketing! You can have the best product if the marketing is weak you didn't do anything!

One of the functions of marketing is to analyze information about current and potential customers in order to create personalized offers based on the criteria that define them (for example: source, age, gender, address, income etc).

The customer report is actually an analysis based on certain customer criteria who had devices in your service for repair.

How does it work?

When adding a device to the service (creating a ticket ) customer data are required (customer source, last name, first name, CNP, date of birth, address, etc.). All this information is organized and saved in the database and is displayed as a graph in the main menu on the "Customer Report" page.

What does it help you with?

I started this description by referring to the importance of marketing in your business; well this report is an integral part of marketing and helps you:

  1. See where your customers are coming from (e.g. recommendation, olx ad, google ad).
  2. Know in what age group your audience falls into (18-24, 25-34 etc).
  3. Be informed about the report customer income (low, medium, high income).
  4. Know by gender how many men and how many women cross the threshold your service.

This information is critical when taking a decisions when it comes to online and offline promotion!

You know who your customers are and you know where to find them, you know how old they are and what income; all that remains is to sell them what they want!

It's time to take action, buy a subscription right now and start growing your business sustainably!

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