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The best ad is from recommendations , and to get a recommendation you need to have happy customers! :)

But what do you do with that category of less happy customers, those customers who weren't happy with your services and spread this information to their circle of friends on Google or Facebook? We have created a special in-app section where the customer "says offfff", leaving you an internal review as soon as the product is out of service (repaired or unrepaired).

How does this method work and what are the results?

Upon leaving the service the customer receives an SMS and an Email containing , among others, a review link. This link is associated with the service ticket (the product it repaired), so when you receive a review, you know what repair it was for, who gave it, and why!

Now that you understand the technical part, let me explain how this feature actually helps you!

  1. First of all, you see the satisfaction of the customers with the services you offer. The rating system is 1 to 5 stars and there is also a text field for additional information.
  2. You can change the course of a customer: from dissatisfied you can turn him into a loyal customer (find out what hurts him, solve the dissatisfaction and he will remain your customer).
  3. Avoid negative advertising on Google or Facebook! If you give him the opportunity to express his dissatisfaction "internally" the chances of him going to Google, Facebook, or other social networks to shed his nerves are much lower.
  4. Motivate your technicians. Since the review is given on the service ticket, and each ticket is assigned to a technician, he will be motivated to do his best to have positive reviews!
  5. Solve problems you didn't even know you had! The best critic of your business is your client, and your mission as an entrepreneur is to take those criticisms and exploit them in the interest of your business. You can grow if you listen to what those who put your money in your pocket say.

The list goes on and on but these 5 reasons are enough to understand how important it is to have this tool handy!

Be an entrepreneur who knows how to listen to your customers, understand them and how to take their money! :)

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